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February 02, 2011


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Christopher Knight

How can people not understand Alan Rickman? He's the freaking Sheriff of Nottingham! He's an actor who is awesome at portraying villains. Hans Grueber anyone? If not, watch the first Die Hard! Or his excellent dead pan sarcasm in movies. Snape! Or the Metatron in Dogma. Galaxy Quest (awful movie) but he makes it bearable. Or Marvin the Paranoid Android in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (similar sentiment to my last sentence).

Kayleigh, I understand an Alan Rickman crush. He's awesome.

Kayleigh George

I love it when you get riled up, Christopher. And you need to move back to BK--I am seeing Rickman at a screening of Die Hard. I am prepared to die, hard, myself.


I love this list! I didn't realize Anton Chekhov was so good-looking. My literary gal pals and I have a similar list of bangable literary characters. Always at the top of our list is Gilbert Blythe and Laurie from Little Women.


Your Ted Danson thing confuses the heck out of me...but Alan Rickman? I adooooore him. That voice! The smoldering! The accent!

Yes, Anton was gorgeous - had no idea!

Speaking of things I had no idea about...Lord Byron slept with his half-sister????

Kayleigh George

Yay, everyone is surprised by Chekhov! Put him in a plaid shirt in front of some artisanal cheese, and he'd be so Brooklyn.

Also, Laura, there is a borderline terrible miniseries (starring Jonny Lee Miller) about Byron's affair with Augusta. I think you will enjoy :)

Kayleigh George

Oh and Sonja, I totally agree with those choices. Who else is on that list? I'd love to put it up here!

Monica McAbee

YES, Alan Rickman! Truly, Madly, Deeply. And, it's the voice.

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