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October 12, 2010


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Heather Drucker

Dear Lizzy,

As you have so much experience with dinner parties and etiquette, what would you have done in this instance?

I have two girlfriends, close in age, who move in the very same social circles. They are seemingly great friends, but one of them often leaves the other out when she sends out invitations to dinner parties and the like.

Another friend of mine is friends with both of these ladies as well, but we feel awkward when we know the other is not invited. Should we protect our friend from finding out that her "frenemy" didn't invite her, or should we be open about all our dealings in this matter.

Your sage advice is greatly appreciated.



whatever happened to scarlett

dear jo,
i'm sorry but i like you best. haha. so i have this boyfriend, who isn't so much a boyfriend anymore, who is moving to california sans me, leaving me with no other choice than to move on. here is the dilemma. there is a boy. a different boy. a boy quite different from the "boyfriend". he is really nice looking, and has been a friend for a while. i enjoy him, his company, his attitude, and generally most things about him. i will be seeing him after a grueling few months of not seeing him, this upcoming weekend. there is a chance that i will have to encounter the dramatic, ever-dreaded "two of them in the same room" situation. is it ok to ask said "boyfriend" (who is leaving & is no longer a boyfriend to me) to kindly not show to an event that would otherwise leave me awkward & emotionally torn?

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