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August 16, 2010


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Miss Liberty

I've been so
down in the mouth
that sometimes when I
bend over to
lace my shoes
there are
three tongues.

Gabriel Lundeen

One of my favorites (of many):

"The shortest distance between two points is often unbearable."

Jen Albaugh

Simple, but has ALWAYS been my favourite...

"what matters most is how well you walk through the fire"


"dogs and angels are not
very far apart"
— Charles Bukowski (The People Look Like Flowers At Last: New Poems)


"The nine-to-five is one of the greatest atrocities sprung upon mankind. You give your life away to a function that doesn't interest you. This situation so repelled me that I was driven to drink, starvation, and mad females, simply as an alternative."

Tim Veilleux

“It's possible to love a human being if you don't know them too well.”


Humanity, you never had it to begin with.


"You begin saving the world by saving one man at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics."


"Drinking is an emotional thing. It joggles you out of the standardism of everyday life, out of everything being the same. It yanks you out of your body and your mind and throws you against the wall. I have the feeling that drinking is a form of suicide where you're allowed to return to life and begin all over the next day. It's like killing yourself, and then you're reborn. I guess I've lived about ten or fifteen thousand lives now."


Genius might be the ablity to say a profound thing in a simple way.


"Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must live."

Lori (TNBBC)

"It was better for me when I could imagine greatness in others, even if it wasn't always there."

(The Captain is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship)


"I wish to weep
but sorrow is
I wish to believe
but belief is a

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The shortest distance between two points is often unbearable.

Rachel Smith

“Sometimes you just have to pee in the sink.”

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"there is a loneliness in the world so great
that you can see it in the slow movement of
the hands of a clock.

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