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July 21, 2010


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My comfort read is Lord of the Rings or some other traditional fantasy, (e.g., the Shannara books). A little heavy, I know, but it takes me back to a simpler time when my main concern was writing up an adventure for Dungeons and Dragons night.


It has to be 'old lady' reads for me - Maeve Binchy, Rosamund Pilcher, that sort of thing. Agatha Christie too, though I've reread hers so many times now that they don't quite work in the same way as they used to!


My comfort reads are usually memoirs, and chick lit, ooh, and YA. Actually much of my reading is comfort reading, and I don't see any problem with that :)

Ben Rubinstein

Like Chewie, I'm a big fantasy fan. Although it's not really "comfort reading." Now that I think about it, I think I really like angsty poetry for my comfort reading, which is usually when I need to let off some steam.

Liiiiike this one.


I just blogged about this a couple weeks ago when I was going through a hard time. Books really let me escape and comfort me for a little bit so it is important to me to find ones that always have that power. I tend to go back to old childhood favorites when I need some comfort reads.

So random that I found your blog, the college students group on Goodreads (I'm the creator and mod) created a blog and one of our potential names was going to be The Roaring Twenties..and then someone found your blog! lol

Kayleigh George

Awesome answers, guys! Jamie, what were you reading? Also, are we goodreads friends?


Harry Potter (particularly the Prisoner of Azkaban) is my ultimate comfort read, mostly because it is just such a pleasurable, fantastic escape from reality.

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