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February 10, 2010


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I'm reading The Outcast by Sadie Jones. As a token finger to the snow god which disappointed me by not following through on what we'd been so fervently promised this morning, I'm reading The Outcast in the office on my lap, under my desk.


I would have spent the day reading it for reals, though.


I know Erica B. is with me on this, but I used to reread The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #7: Snowbound whenever the weather outside got truly frightful. Yes, even in my twenties. Sadly, I got rid of it when I moved to NYC. I should probably buy a copy again before all the old cover editions are gone...


I'm in Southern California and although it's been much cooler than normal, there are no snow days in my future. However, if I had one, I think I would curl up with a classic re-read of Lord of the Flies or something else that I could finish in one day.

Sogni e Sorrisi

I just finished Kelly Cutrone's book - it was great!

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