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October 20, 2009


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Amy @ My Friend Amy

I loved it! I do not think it's really a kids movie, though. I think it's a movie for adults to remember what it was like to be a kid...if that makes any sense. I thought it was beautiful and bittersweet.


I have not seen it but I've heard some other bloggers with kids say that it's pretty emotional and not really a kid movie.


This unique movie is unforgettable and special. A wonderful classic which makes me remember back in time and reawakens the nostalgic feelings in me. For adults it brings back fond memories of a time past which I miss.

One word sums it up for me; unbearable. I was so excited to see this movie and went to a 4:00 o'clock showing with my boyfriend on the first day it opened. Admittedly, I have a simple litmus test for movies; would I enjoy watching this again on rerun on HBO on a sunday afternoon. In this case, I would rather watch back to back episodes of Flavor of Love. When I read this book as a child, I imagined Max sails to the island and engages in a bunch of cool crazy shit with a bunch of monsters. That the monsters are actually a bunch of silly, dysfunctional, unfunny, sensitive, cry-babies was such a downer. When I found out that the script was also developed by bloated egoist, Dave Eggers, everything made sense. Have you seen Away We Go the movie he also penned the screenplay? Bad, bad, bad. I wish that Gondry had done this movie. If I need a philosophical treatise on the human condition, I'll take Charlie Kauffman. They make far more enjoyable and conceptually interesting movies to watch. I also could do without 60 minutes of various movie filler scenes of max running up hills, on sand, through the forest, through the strees. Also, looking pensive and quizzically sad-faced. Maybe I didn't get it. I seem to be in the minority here.

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