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September 10, 2009


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S. Krishna

Ooh, I definitely want to read this. Thanks for the chance to win!

Angela T.

I've read hundreds of vampire books but I missed this series somehow. Time to rectify that. :)

Shawn Weisser

Looking forward to the books and the show!!


! definitely plan to tune in tonight. It would only be fitting for me to then read the book, right?

I'd like to win a copy for the YA section of the library. Naturally, our copy is missing. (sigh)

Lesa Holstine (
5901 W. Behrend Dr.
Glendale, AZ 85308


Wayne Hurlbert

This looks like a fun book to read and enjoy. Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win.


Dawson's creek! Yes, I guess I'm one of those who doesn't want to part with the younger set when it comes to shows like vampire diaries. Would love to read it. Didn't realize it was a book...


I remember watching a lifetime movie with the lead girl in it. I think it was called something like "Married Too Young!" I also didn't realize Vampire Diaries was a book!


I am so excited to see this show and would love to read the book. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!


What a great giveaway! Would love to enter!


I have always loved vampire movies & shows. One of my favorites was Forever Knight. I hope this one is as good.

Ha...we made grilled cheese sandwiches with our irons (goodness knows we never ironed our clothes) and were deeply devoted to General Hospital. Thanks for reminding me....

Jen Petro-Roy

I loved Dawson's. Great contest!


I remember reading the Vampire Diaries as a teen. Now I am a Teen Librarian and my patrons can't get enough of vampire books!


Awesome contest! This must have been one of the only vampire series that I missed as a teen and now that I am a Youth Services Librarian all my teens are asking for them!


I would love to win a copy. I somehow missed these when I was a teen.


I would like to win a copy.


Thanks for this chance. Sounds great.


What a great contest. Thanks. I anticipate enjoying this greatly.

Sandra Dieckmann

Oh! mention Dawsons Creek and I'm in ;-)


I'm in I'd love to win, great contest


Love Dawson's Creek and am willing to try this too! Thanks for the post!

Amy @ My Friend Amy

I loved these books so much when I was young. :)

Maria P.

Wow - my niece would flip over this. Thank you for the giveaway!


Good luck to everyone! I would love to get a chance to read The Vampire Diaries :D

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