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September 09, 2009


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I've seen it all on various trains - including Hugo on the UES 6 at rush hour. War & Peace on the 4/5 to Brooklyn.

Currently I'm reading Mein Kampf on the 2/3 to Brooklyn - which is only moderately crowded. I can't imagine reading some of the heavier stuff on the crowded trains - just to chaotic to focus. My personal issue with the big books it that they're just to heavy to schlep around to and from work.

diane burrowes

Although I like reading on my iPhone and Ebook reader--I confess that I don't like it when other people use them because I can't see the cover of the book they're reading--and I always wonder what they're enjoying so much. Last week, a woman was laughing out loud over her Kindle. Finally, I asked. Her answer? "David Sedaris"


I'm not surprised by the reading list. It's what everyone is reading these days anyway. For me, I wouldn't think that being on a subway car would affect the type of book I'd choose for the ride. I would just bring whatever I was reading at the time.

However, on an airplane I do tend to want something fast paced. Hmmmm.

Nike Free Run+ Norge

for å beholde Ganso smaken rød murstein bunn I tillegg, kroppen av skoen også valgt å gjøre det gamle grunne til skinnproduksjon, minneverdig Vintage smak, den generelle sensoriske enn før semsket versjonen er mer watchable.

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