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August 19, 2009


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I think so to a point. You both don't have to ADORE certain novels, but if you're literary, than hopefully he is as well. I know the boy and I don't agree that The Great Gatsby is the best book of all time (come on, it is) - but we both still share books and talk about them. I mean, really, if a guy thinks Huck Finn is a fish or something, we're not dating.


Similar vein - Word in Brooklyn ( put up a matchmaker board so that customers can write literary preference personals.

Regarding your question of romantic compatability, Stacked recently ran a series of surveys and posts regarding that question and concluded that literary tastes help us understand who a person is and what their values are, but tastes don't necessarily need to be the same.

First post in the series -

MBT M Walk Sneaker

Guangdong, bygget Kinas første sportsklær og sko, design og utvikling av kjernen, 1999, mbt selskapet i samarbeid med SAP, innføring av AFS klær og skotøy oppgjør plan for å bli Kinas første en sportsbutikk bedrifter å implementere ERP.

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