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August 24, 2009


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I enjoy talking to people about what I am reading, but I don't like to be interrupted when reading. Perhaps if you waited until they looked up or took a break?


I'm so glad I'm not the only book stalker out there. I do it at the beach when I'm on vacation in Florida. It's tricky, though, because as you walk past somebody's beach chair, you can't look like you're checking out their thighs! And if they're reading something good, I usually do say something. I can't resist, and they usually want to talk about it too!

Debbie Rodgers

I love to talk about what I'm reading. (As long as you don't physically move in too close to me, I'll carry on a conversation about just about anything with a stranger - it might be because I live in the country where we expect to talk to people.) Books are a love of my life and if I can talk to others who are interested, great!


It depends on how you approach someone (i.e. me). Because I'm more than happy to answer questions about if a book is good or have someone tell me they loved the story and I will chat from time to time. On occasion I'll initiate the conversation.

However, In these cases it's normally someone right next to me who can see the pages or the cover.

I've had a lot of guys try to do the pick-up thing based on what I'm reading and it's normally when I have the book in my lap and/or the person is a yard or two away on the platform. They open with "what are you reading?" awkward pause "who's that by?" awkward pause "what's it about?" And so on and so forth. Because of the lengthy awkward pauses, I tend to go back to the reading and will get annoyed at constant interuptions when I know they're cleary not curious about what I'm reading but rather using bad social skills to attempt conversation. It's difficult to explain the creepiness of it in writting.

The key to book stalking is just social awareness.

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I probably wouldn't read B is for Beer, but my hubby would probably love it.



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