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February 19, 2009


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Can't wait to hear about the new book. It's always so interesting to hear authors talk about the worlds they create.


Thanks for the heads-up! If you can send the free copies outside the US (I'm in the UK), then I will gladly take one off your hands, but if it's a US-only offer I'll understand.

A. Nakama

Sounds interesting! Will the broadcast be archived somewhere? I'll be at work at the time, and would otherwise have to miss it...


I'll be listening. I think Jeff Ford is one of the best short story writers in the country today. I can't wait to dig into this book.

Neil Clarke

Thanks for the heads up!


I always look forward to a Jeff Ford story, and here's a whole book of them! I'm sure this will be an excellent interview.


I've only read a few of his short stories, so I'd love to get a whole collection.

Bill LeConey

Can't wait to hear the interview with Jeff Ford, one of my favorite current authors, whom I had the pleasure of meeting several years ago at a party hosted by my neighbor, poet Laura McCullough. Jeff is a very entertaining and kind fellow.

Alex Carnegie

Hurrah! More short stories from Jeff Ford! Now my copy of 'The Fantasy Writer's Assistant' will have some company


Very exciting! Glad a friend linked me here.

Jessica H.

Oh, terrific! Not just more Jeff Ford, but more IN MY VERY OWN HANDS.

Anna M.C.

I apologize if this posts twice, but this function is acting very oddly.

Anyway, thanks for the reminder, and I'd love a free copy to donate to the library where I work, if it's not too late . . . .

Anna M.C.


Yesss! I liked 'Girl in the Glass' a lot.


Ooo! oo! I like literature! Excited.

Henry Stokes

I'm really looking forward to this interview!

Henry Stokes

I'm really looking forward to this interview!


Can't wait to listen to this, thanks!


Can't wait to listen to this! Thanks!

Mike Dean

Jeff lives in my hometown, and writes as well as he socializes.


sweet, looking forward to it.

Evan Myquest

My way. Definitely. Send one my way, pls. ~m


Don't know if I'm late, but if you could send it to Europe also, I'd love it.

Kayleigh George

Wallofcheese--do you have an email address? I need to know where I should send your book!

Jeff Pert

Jeff's a phenomenal writer, and I look forward to the interview. Though I suppose it's too late for a copy...

Bruce Chrumka

Gah! That's what I get for being off-line for a couple of days! And I just re-read 'Cosmology of the Wider World'.

Anyway, Jeff Ford's a superb writer...good to get the word out.

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